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Central NJ Milling Services

At Meco Inc, we offer all types of milling services for any kind of surface. Our fleet of milling, sweeping and clean-up equipment can handle all the necessary requirements from property managers looking to resurface a parking lot to full depth removal of entire roadways. We can perform various sizes of cold planer milling operations with ultra-precise systems.

Asphalt millings, also known as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), can be disposed of, but can also be recycled back into different asphalt mixes to reduce the environmental impact a project has.

How Does Asphalt Milling Benefit Me?

  • Removes any irregularities in your asphalt surface such as bumps or cracks.
  • Reduces trip and fall hazards in your parking lot.
  • Efficient and more economical than traditional asphalt removal methods.
  • In certain scenarios, can be used to correct drainage issues.
  • Can identify sub-base issues that need to be corrected.

Our experienced milling professionals are available for consultation.

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